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Teremark CIO360 IT Strategy & Capability Assessment

How does your organization compare with these statistics?

  • 74.6% of organizations feel that their IT strategy process is ineffective.

  • IT does not do a good job of communicating (or realizing) its support for business goals, therefore 23.6% of CxO business leaders still feel their goals are unsupported by IT.

Teremark CIO delivers an objective, comprehensive review of your IT capabilities via the Teremark CIO360 IT Strategy & Capability Assessment.
Our experienced CIOs assess 300+ capabilities across these 14 Critical IT Leadership Categories:

CIO Strategy
CIO Scorecard
  • IT & Business Strategy

  • Innovation Processes & Programs

  • Enterprise Architecture, Design, & Digital Channels

  • Organizational Design, Leadership, & Staffing

  • Program Management

  • IT Service Management

  • IT Production Operations

  • Data Centers, Cloud, & Convergence

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

  • Risk Management

  • IT Financial Management

  • Cybersecurity Architecture & Incident Response

  • Metrics & Reporting

  • IT Customer Satisfaction

Engage us today to confirm your IT strengths and effectively guide your future IT investments for maximum benefit.

Service Engagement Details

The Teremark CIO360 assessment is designed to deliver maximum benefit in a packaged service offering.

  • Fixed Price – The CIO360 engagement is a fixed price engagement so you can budget appropriately without the risk of scope creep/additional costs.

  • Business & Technology Focus – The focus is on IT's ability to operate as a strategic and tactical business partner, not just on technology management.

  • Definitive Timeline – The average CIO360 engagement lasts about 6 weeks.

  • Deliverables - Objective, qualified view of the entire IT organization, high-level roadmaps, recommendations, industry insights, and focused quick wins.

Benefits of Teremark Interim CIO/CTO Leadership

  • You get the objective perspective of CIO leaders who have experience at some of the largest and most respected banks and credit unions in the industry.

  • We have significant experience leading all of the 13 categories above.  We know what works, the right order of execution, and industry trends.

  • We remain objective as a neutral participant in your organization, ensuring that technology investments serve your goals and your members.

  • You get a fixed fee engagement, a guaranteed roadmap, and a definitive engagement timeline.  

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