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CISO & Cybersecurity Services

The constantly changing cybersecurity threat landscape demands that organizations of all sizes implement effective security strategies, cyber technology layers, and response processes to defend against those who seek to disrupt legitimate business operations.  Despite these threats, many organizations do not have a CISO or an effective cybersecurity program.  Some organizations do not understand their own exposure to cyber threats, and others do not want to shift technology investments from new products to cybersecurity.  Both of these situations place organizations at high-risk for data loss, ransomware, and other cyber threats.


Firms that recognize their need for CISO and cybersecurity leadership may not know where to start. Sometimes they are not sure how to define the scope of a cybersecurity organization, or they may not be ready for the long, expensive process of hiring a permanent CISO.  If this resonates with you, Teremark provides several CISO and cybersecurity options to help you protect your business.

Teremark’s CISO and Cybersecurity Services Include:

  • Virtual CISO – The virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) leads the organization’s security strategy, security roadmaps and improvements, security operations, and incident response.  From assessing your current security posture to implementing best practices, your vCISO will be an invaluable resource in managing threats, optimizing security processes, and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies.  The vCISO will brief the CEO and Board of Directors as required to share information and to satisfy regulatory requirements.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment – Comprehensive risk assessment examining all aspects of the organization's technology infrastructure, applications, data, and security policies and processes. This extensive evaluation identifies potential vulnerabilities and high-risk areas, helping to prioritize cybersecurity initiatives and allocate resources effectively while providing insight into your organization’s security posture.

  • Cybersecurity Technology Architecture – A subset of the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment focused on identifying existing layers of cybersecurity protection and identifying gaps, prioritized by risk to the organization.  Architecture assessments include on-prem, hybrid, and cloud data center configurations.

  • Physical Security Assessment - Assesses the effectiveness of your organization's physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, theft, or damage. Teremark will evaluate the security of your premises, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and provide suggestions to protect your vital assets and staff. This comprehensive review ensures robust security to safeguard against digital and physical threats to your business.

  • Business Continuity & DR Planning – Business Continuity planning focuses on the ability of the business to continue operations during unforeseen circumstances, whether created by humans or nature.  Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity plans by function are key.  Disaster Recovery (DR) or highly-available technology systems must be established to support ongoing business operations with the ability to shift technology workloads at will.  Teremark leads the implementation of these critical capabilities to ensure your organization survives cyber attacks, natural disasters, or technology failures, ensuring your organization remains agile and prepared for unexpected situations.

  • Incident Response Planning – It is only a matter of time until each organization experiences a cyber incident.  It is imperative that, in addition to taking all possible precautions to implement security policies and technologies, the organization create an Incident Response (IR) plan and playbook.  The IR plan predefines processes, roles, and actions that the organization will implement immediately upon detection of a cyber event, ensuring that fast and effective action is taken to mitigate exposure and to limit recovery requirements.  The vCISO plays a significant role in the generation the IR plan and acts as the central action agent during a cyber incident.

Service Engagement Options

The vCISO role is most effective utilizing a hybrid working model:

  • Combination of Onsite & Remote Engagement – The vCISO will need to work onsite heavily in the beginning to perform assessments, establish security polices, create BIA/BC/DR plans, and establish IR plans.  As these tools are implemented, the vCISO will operate primarily on a remote basis.

Benefits of Teremark Strategic vCISO Leadership

  • You get an experienced CISO without the expense and commitment of a permanent hire.

  • We operate as a member of your executive team and manage all aspects of your technology operation.

  • We align technology and business strategy to maximize the value of your technology investments.

  • We will help you source candidates if you decide you want to hire a permanent CISO.

  • We’ll stay for as long as you need us.

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