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Virtual & Part-Time CIO/CTO Leadership

Many banks and credit unions cannot afford the luxury of hiring top-performing CIO & CTO technology leaders.  Even established mid-sized organizations often have trouble filling the role.  We understand that hiring and retaining talented CIOs and CTOs can be very difficult and expensive for many organizations.  Fortunately, there is a more flexible and cost-effective approach to attaining effective technology leadership:  the Virtual or Fractional CIO/CTO. 


A Virtual or Fractional CIO/CTO is a dedicated resource who serves as the chief technology leader on a flexible basis.  Key objectives of this role emphasize strategic alignment of technology and business objectives, ongoing oversight of value delivery, and IT accountability to the business through metrics and financial management.

Teremark offers Fractional and Virtual CIO/CTO services to give you access to modern, experienced C-suite technology leaders.  Smaller and mid-sized banks and credit unions can now achieve the benefits of a dedicated CIO/CTO without the commitment or cost of a permanent hire.

Fractional CIO

Our Virtual or Fractional CIO/CTO operates as a member of your senior executive team and is responsible for ensuring IT delivers value to the business.  Focus areas include:

  • Strategic alignment of business and technology strategy

  • 3-5 year technology roadmaps aligned to business strategy

  • Strategic architecture processes and designs for tangible delivery of roadmaps

  • Metrics and performance optimization to ensure technology investments deliver intended value

  • IT financial management (budgets + actual spend tracking)

  • Leadership when needed to resolve short-term crisis situations

  • Regular progress interactions between the vCIO/CTO and the executive team

Service Engagement Options

Virtual and fractional leadership services can be delivered through a variety of flexible arrangements.  We work with you to determine your needs and then create a leadership delivery plan specific to your organization.

  • Full-time or Part-time Engagement – The schedule will depend on the customer need, challenges, and the value delivery required from the IT team and the CIO/CTO leader.

  • Onsite or Remote – Fractional and Virtual leadership can utilize both approaches.  A combination of onsite and remote is common.

  • Strategic or Situational – Most engagements emphasize strategic leadership, however leadership of major initiatives is commonly included.


Benefits of Teremark Fractional & Virtual CIO/CTO Leadership

  • You get immediate access to experienced CIO and CTO leaders without the expense and commitment of a permanent hire.

  • You can rest knowing that experienced technology executives will ensure you are getting the best possible value from your technology investments.

  • We are flexible and can scale the level of engagement up or down as your needs change.

  • We will help you source candidates if you decide you want to hire a permanent CIO/CTO.

  • We’ll stay for as long as you need us.

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