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Situational & Outcome-based Technology Leadership

Modern Technology Challenges Require Experienced CIO/CTO Leadership

Teremark partners are proven technology leaders who ensure that new technological capabilities and critical initiatives are delivered on-schedule and in-line with expected results.  Our expertise in the challenging areas below can add immediate and significant value to your bank or credit union:


Business & Technology Strategy Alignment – IT vision and roadmaps aligned to business strategy.  Value delivery through product enablement, leveraging technology for competitive advantage and bottom-line impact.

Strategic Technology Delivery – Focused technology initiatives designed for major capability uplift, such as Core Platforms, Web/Mobile Digital Channels, Cloud Migration, and Data/Business Intelligence.

IT Financial Management – Budgeting, forecasting, spend measurement, variance processes, tracking against GL accounts and specific IT categories.


Service Delivery Optimization – Process improvements supporting software development (Agile, DevOps or SDLC/Waterfall) and production operations (ITIL).  Change management, availability management, data center operations, and IT organization optimization, including IT restructuring.


IT Performance Improvement – Measure and improve IT’s alignment with strategic business vision and operational delivery through process improvements, scorecards, skills assessments, operational performance metrics, and financial management tools.

Strategic Major IT Project Management

Emerging Technologies – Leverage AI/Machine Learning, Cloud, Data/Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, etc. Understand what is useful and what is hype.  Leverage what makes sense to enhance competitiveness.


Vendor Performance Improvement – Contract negotiation, competitive pricing research, SLA structuring, performance scorecards, performance reviews, and controlling vendor influence inside of the organization.


Technology Governance & Control – Applying FFIEC OCC/NCUA, ITIL, COBIT, IT risk governance, data controls, IT financial management, and effective engagement with federal regulators.


Digital Marketing & Data Strategy – Deliver 360-degree management from content creation to target offer acceptance, leveraging data models, impression/interest metrics, and alternative channels.


M&A Technology Leadership – Leadership and technology assessments for investment/divestiture, contract cancellations, technology asset distribution, IT organizational re-design, and cultural assimilation.


Cybersecurity Leadership – Applying FFIEC (OCC, NCUA), NIST, HITRUST, SOC II/Vendor Security Assessment, Security Incident Response, Internal Audit and Board of Directors reporting.


Digital Channels Assessment & Implementation – Business strategy and digital (Web/Mobile/IoT/VDA) use-case development, digital product/vendor assessments, digital product roadmaps, industry position and longevity, financial viability, and supportability of platforms.


Technology Business Case Development – Strategic project evaluation, including in-house development vs. SaaS solutions, and cost/benefit analysis.  Balance the IT portfolio across speed, flexibility, business enablement, lifecycle costs, and risks (financial, strategic, reputation, operational).

Technology & Solutions Advocacy – The central, accountable executive for all technology projects, vendor relationships, technology contracts, and new technology implementation.  Avoid the hassle and concern of high-pressure vendors and confusing sales pitches.  Teremark advocacy removes this pressure, delivers clear messages, and ensures that appropriate solutions are achieved as we operate on your behalf.

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